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Skelian Chiropractic Clinic

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The award-winning
back & neck specialists

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Clinic News

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Stuart Smellie Awarded Chiropractor of the Year 2016

4th October 2016

Skelian’s clinic director, Stuart Smellie, has been announced as winner of the 2016 UK Chiropractor of the Year Award. Matthew Bennett, president of the British Chiropractic Association, presented the award at a ceremony in Leamington Spa on 1st October. In his speech, he praised Stuart for his 25 years of work for the profession, and in particular the writing of a set of Quality Standards for the Royal College of Chiropractors.

New Chiropractor Joins the Clinic

15th July 2016

We are pleased to announce that Ben Evans will be joining the chiropractic staff at Skelian. Ben has a Masters degree in chiropractic and is a graduate of the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. We are delighted that he has agreed to cross the border into England and move to Cheltenham. He loves the outdoor life and recognises the importance of sport and physical activity, at whatever level that might be.

Alex Broomsgrove Steps In

1st May 2016

After working with us for the last few years, Nadine Harrison is leaving to spend 12 months volunteering as a chiropractor for World Spine Care in Botswana. This is a fantastic opportunity for her and an extremely worthy cause but she will be sorely missed by patients and staff alike. We are very fortunate that her position is being taken over by Alex Broomsgrove, who is a good friend and contemporary of Nadine.

Skelian Wins Another National Award

30th March 2016

The Clinic is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Patient Partnership Quality Mark (PPQM) by the Royal College of Chiropractors. This is the fouth time the clinic has won this award, which is a fantastic achievement given the ever increasing standards required.
The PPQM is awarded to clinics that demonstrate excellence in meeting patient expectation in a range of areas including accessibility, cleanliness and safety, and patient communication. The decision to award the PPQM is made by a panel of patients and public who form the Royal College of Chiropractors Lay Partnership Group.

Skelian Wins National Quality Award

11th February 2015

The Clinic is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Clinical Management Quality Mark (CMQM) by the Royal College of Chiropractors. The CMQM is a national award that recognises excellence in clinical governance. It commends the use of different systems designed to safeguard high standards of care and ensure a continuous improvement of the quality of service provided.

New Chiropractor Joins the Team

1st August 2014

We are delighted to announce that Nadine Harrison will be joining the chiropractic staff at Skelian. Nadine is passionate, not only about helping people to recover and repair after injury, but also in maintaining and optimising their health through chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle.