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Skelian Chiropractic Clinic

The award-winning back & neck specialists

The award-winning
back & neck specialists

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Dedicated to providing the Highest Possible Quality of Care ...

About Skelian Chiropractic Clinic

Skelian Chiropractic Clinic has been based at St Pauls Medical Centre in Cheltenham for nearly 20 years. It was established with the sole aim of providing the highest possible quality of chiropractic care for the town. The clinic was purpose-built and, although independent of the GPs, is part of one of the largest primary healthcare centres in the country. We provide evidence-based care for a variety of different musculoskeletal complaints, particularly those of the spine. In addition, we support patients in maximising their physical function and performance in whatever they want to achieve out of life.

Our Philosophy for treatment & care

Providing the highest possible quality of chiropractic care remains our priority, and is at the heart of everything that we do. From the first contact with our reception staff, through to feeling fit again, we aspire in making every step along the way the very best that it can be. All of the staff partake in extensive continual professional development, and the clinic has been highly commended in meeting patient expectations. Our practices, procedures and performance are regularly reviewed and assessed through clinical audit, outcomes measures, patient questionnaires and clinical safety programmes. This enables us to monitor the quality of the service that we provide and make continual improvements.

Skelian Chiropractic Clinic Facilities

The purpose-built clinic at the front of the St Pauls Medical Centre site benefits from a light and airy waiting room staffed by our friendly reception team from 8:00am until 7:00pm every weekday.  The clinic is also open on Saturday mornings. The consulting rooms are equipped with specialist treatment couches and are air-conditioned.  We have separate changing cubicles and female patients are provided with gowns to wear for their treatment. Patient privacy and confidentiality is respected at all times. Our services include immediate access to local x-ray and MRI scanning, avoiding any unnecessary delays in making a diagnosis. A sports and remedial massage service is provided within the clinic, and often compliments chiropractic care. Individual rehabilitation is provided with the aim of strengthening vulnerable areas and reducing the likelihood of recurrence. In line with our holistic approach, we also give advice on diet, posture and exercise.


Over the last 15 years, in demonstrating quality of care and ongoing compliance with high standards, the clinic has managed to win multiple awards from the Royal College of Chiropractors, and have been "highly commended" on a number of occasions.  It is our priority to maintain and improve on these standards.

Our History

Skelian Chiropractic Clinic was established by chiropractors Stuart Smellie and Keith Walker. They came together in 1998 to set-up a small clinic on the Prestbury Road in Cheltenham which rapidly grew into a busy and successful practice. In 1999, they were invited to join 50% of the GPs in Cheltenham by moving into the brand new St Pauls Medical Centre on Swindon Road. Being involved from the planning stages, they were able to design and equip a purpose-built Chiropractic Clinic. Keith Walker left the partnership and moved back to Plymouth in 2004. Stuart Smellie then ran the clinic alone until 2018, when Alex Broomsgrove and Dean Matthews joined and took over the ownership and management of the clinic.

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