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Skelian Chiropractic Clinic

The award-winning back & neck specialists

The award-winning
back & neck specialists

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Chiropractors Cheltenham

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the muscles, bones, joints and nerves of the body. Although chiropractors are best known for treating back and neck pain, they also treat a wide range of other musculoskeletal conditions.

The Problem

Our skeletons are the physical framework on which every organ and system in the body is supported. The most complex part of the skeleton (the spine) supports the most important system of the body (the nervous system). This is made up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, which together control the functioning of every single part of our body. The human body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. However, 21st century lifestyles result in strain being placed upon the mechanical structure of the body which, together with dietary and emotional factors, can disrupt normal function and result in pain.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic is not a specific treatment, but a profession. Chiropractors use a number of different techniques and approaches to manage the various complaints that their patients present with. However, they are best known for their use of manipulation. Chiropractors work on all the joints of the body, especially the spine, by using their hands to make gentle, specific adjustments to improve the function of the skeleton. In addition to manipulation, they can use a variety of soft tissue therapies, mobilisation techniques, exercise and ergonomic advice, western acupuncture, rehabilitation methods, and psychosocial interventions. Chiropractors will also provide bucket loads of advice, information and education.

Chiropractic at Skelian

At Skelian Chiropractic Clinic we pride ourselves on treating the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. We offer individual lifestyle advice about exercise, work and diet in order to support a programme of treatment and reduce the risk of a condition returning. Rehabilitation can play an important part in this. For many long-standing conditions there is not a simple cure but, through a variety of different methods, our chiropractors support patients to be able to self-manage their problems. However, we understand that most people consult us for pain relief, and it is always our initial aim to resolve those painful symptoms.

Who would Benefit from seeking the help of a chiropractor?

We provide chiropractic care for every generation, from children to the elderly. Our patients include elite athletes, pregnant ladies, office workers, pensioners, school children and everything in-between. There is no typical patient and the techniques and approaches we use will vary with every individual. However, we pride ourselves on the fact that the care and attention we provide will be the very best for everyone.

For anyone that is unsure as to whether chiropractic care may be of benefit to them, an appointment can be made with any of the chiropractors, who are happy to discuss individual circumstances and answer any questions, without charge or obligation.

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