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All of our of Chiropractors at Skelian have access to a quick X-ray referral service on a private basis for our patients.

About X-Rays

All of our of Chiropractors at Skelian have access to a quick X-ray referral service on a private basis for our patients.

An X-ray is a useful diagnostic tool that allows us to make a swift diagnosis in situations where further investigation is required. Your Chiropractor will discuss with you whether this is necessary, and an X-ray referral will be requested if clinically required.

All X-rays take place at Cobalt Health, a specialised medical charity based in Cheltenham. The images are provided instantly on a disk or via an online portal, which we can then view at our Clinic ahead of your follow up visit and discuss the best course of treatment with you at your next appointment.

Conditions we refer to X-ray

  • Bone fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal fractures
  • Spinal degeneration
  • Scoliosis

What we offer

Skelian has a close partnership with Cobalt Health, who provide both X-ray and MRI diagnostic testing. Our chiropractors are experts in Musculo-Skeletal conditions and are trained to take and read X-rays. 

While we no longer have any X-ray facilities on site, we refer to Cobalt Health, the specialist imaging centre in Cheltenham. This means our patients are seen by experts with high-grade specialist equipment. 

At the follow up appointment with one of our chiropractors, we will discuss in detail your X-ray report and images and explain how the imaging informs your treatment or rehabilitation. At Skelian we believe that patients should be part of the treatment decision process. 

What to expect

An initial consultation with a chiropractor to assess the clinical need for an X-ray is the first step. If the chiropractor thinks you need an X-ray to assist with the diagnosis or decision of your treatment options, the chiropractor will send a referral to Cobalt (if clinically justified). Cobalt will then contact you to arrange an appointment and talk you through the process. Following your X-ray, the images and report will be sent to you on a disk or via an online portal which you can discuss with your chiropractor at your follow up appointment. 

  • An initial consultation with a chiropractor
  • X-ray referral to Cobalt Health (if clinically justified)
  • Cobalt Health contact the patient
  • X-ray performed and report sent
  • Follow up appointment to discuss results with your chiropractor 

Benefits of service

  • Quick referral – no long waiting lists
  • Effective in showing degenerative bone issues 
  • Immediate X-ray images and a quick X-ray written report of findings
  • Follow up appointment with chiropractor to discuss findings in detail

Digital X-Ray Fees 

X-rays are charged at – £112. They can be arranged on a same-day basis. Your Chiropractor will be able to refer you for these only if clinically indicated.

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